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Friday, October 12, 2007

IPCC and Al Gore win Nobel Peace Prize

You must be surprsed and a bit cheered by the news, so did I. What an inspiring news for environmental groups it is! I want to point out that it is Nobel " Peace" Prize, not a science one. Still there are many things that scientist community do not know about climate change. I would like to consider the meaning of the prize as the whole global community reached to a consensus about the potential danger of climate change at least. Now, no body does not suspect something goes wrong on this planet. I am so glad to hear about the prize decision. What do you think?

Climate change is clearly related to world peace issue. According to the UN secretariat Ban , Darfur crisis was caused by water shortage, which was believed to be caused by climate change. In some countries, especially poor ones, climate change already seem to be a matter of survival. In this sense, Gore's winning of Peace Prize can be justified.

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