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Welcome. I found my passion in ecological economics and fishing. They are all about pursuit of unknown and uncertain objects. I always enjoy the seemingly reckless pursuit itself. This blog is a record of my long journey in research and fishing. Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Freshwater Drum (Sheephead)

When: 11/07/2006
Where: Mohawk River
How: bottom rig with night crawler

A Chinese classmate told me about a spot with plenty of big fish. I casted night crawler on #2 hook and waited. After not so long time, it started biting. It almost pulled in my fishing rod. But fighting was not that strong or exciting. Just hauling. I took some pictures of and released it. I ate this fish before, and the taste wasn't that good. Later I found out that this fish was commercially farmed and used for live stock feed. @.@

Pumpkin Seed (Sunfish or Panfish)

When: 07/18.2005
Where: Near Montezuma reserved area
How: bobber+sinker rig with night crawler

Let's be honest. Sunfish must be the most common fish that you will meet. They are great fighters, and they even taste good. But few anglers show proper respect to them. Sometimes, they are regarded as nuisance. When I started learning fishing, they were great instructors. Even now, I test my new lure with them. BTW, frying is the best way to cook them, I think.

Brown Trout

When: 07/13/2005
Where: Butternut Creek
How: bobber+sinker rig with night crawler

I didn't expect much. Trout is very weary and likes cold water. It was a humid and warm summer night. I was casting into Butternut creek right below Jamesville reservoir dam. It was boring task, actually. Mosquitoes were quite active. Finally, I got a bite. It was a small brown trout! I heard that Brown trout is rather more resistant warm weather than other trout species. At home, I cleaned and grilled it. It was perfect with beer at hot summer night.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Golden Shiner

When: 06/18/2005
Where: Constantia, NY
How: Night Crawler on bobber-sinker rig

It was good eat! I heard that it is bait fish and usually released by anglers. But it looked so good, shining! So, I took it home and grilled it. Taste was good!

Cutlip Minnow (sucker), first eat

When: 06/11/2005
Where: Near Jamesville, NY
How: Night Crawler on bobber-sinker rig

It was the first catch that I ate. I baked them in oven. Taste? Um.... not good. Too fishy.

Snapping Turtle, by-catch...

When: May 28th, 2005
Where: Muskrat Bay at Oneida Lake
How: By catch

To be honest, this snapping turtle was my first catch. I fished with simple bobber-sinker rig, and somehow this turtle was caught on my line. It was already badly entangled by other lines. It was tough to get rid of the lines and release it. When you are snagged, please try to recover as much line as you can. Abandoned line can kill many creatures including birds.

First Fish Ever ! Large Mouth Bass

I caught this large mouth bass at Constantia, NY, June 10th, 2005. There is a fish hatchery, so there are plenty of fish. Unfortunately, it was bass season, so I quick released after taking this picture. I could not measure anything, but it was a result after 7 fishless trips. I used night crawler on bobber and sinker rig.