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Welcome. I found my passion in ecological economics and fishing. They are all about pursuit of unknown and uncertain objects. I always enjoy the seemingly reckless pursuit itself. This blog is a record of my long journey in research and fishing. Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Deep throat

Weather was good, so I went out for 30 minute short trip in the evening. I caught this 13 inch smallie.

Can you see my swimbait in its throat? Pretty deep in it.

This 13 inch fish swallowed 5 inch bait in a gulp.

By the way, I spotted herring the other day at Troy section of the Hudson River. Herring is here, and game fish and fishermen are going nuts!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Season opener, 18" smallmouth bass!

Finally I caught season opener bass. Nowadays, I cannot afford a fishing trip, so I went to a spot near my apartment for 30 minutes of casting. After 20 minutes of casting, I caught this one right in front of my foot. Smallies are near to bank at this time. I could not enjoy much of fighting. It seems perfect season opening!

While fishing, I saw carp jumping around me. I thought that carp is inactive at this time of year, but they were active at the Hudson river. I also saw couple of striped bass fishing boats. They are here! Oh well, probably after my defense in May, I can go striper fishing. I hope they stick around for longer this year.

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