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Thursday, November 1, 2007

[People I met at the shore] Dr. Paste Bait (떡밥)

Dr. Paste Bait is my Korean fishing buddy. We together founded Korean Fishing Club at RPI. His expertise is in making Korean traditional paste bait (called tuck-bob, 떡밥 in Korean), which is a mixture of all kinds of cereals. The bait worked well here for catfish and carp. He has his own secret formula of the bait, which I tried to steal but failed.

He has been fishing since he was young, so very experienced. He used to fish Crucian carp and carp in Korea. He still uses seemingly hundreds years old fishing rods and reels, which he brought from Korea. But with them, he always over-fishes me. I am jealous...

The Picture: He caught 23 pound carp at Peeble park, June 9th, 2007. It is the carp record of the year of our club.

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