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Friday, April 25, 2008

Environmentally Friendly Fisherman

During this earth week, I consider about my sports, fishing. Here is the list of my pledge:
  • Whenever I stand by shore, I will appreciate all kinds of joy that Mother Nature allow me through the wonderful sports, fishing.
  • While I fish, I will always remain calm and quiet in order to be a part of nature.
  • I will always clean up where I stay before and after I fish.
  • I will carefully practice catch and release.
  • I will respect every species of fish which form a tight ecosystem all together.
  • I will treat caught fish carefully to reduce harm as much as I can.
  • I will consider the use of barbless hook to minimize damage to my catch. (I try to buy barbless hook at local store, but I could not find. Do anyone know maker of good barbless hook?)
  • When I need fish for the small joy on my family’s dinner table, I will harvest only the necessary minimum.
  • When my tackle gets snagged, I will recover as long line as possible before I cut my line by pulling my line slowly.
  • When I re-spool, I will recycle old mono line.
  • I will always be cautious about choice of my tackle not only to catch fish but also to reduce environmental burden.
  • I will encourage others to fish to share my joy of fishing and appreciation of nature.

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