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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meeting with Advisor (7/9)

After returning from Korea, I met with my advisor.

1. Paradise for Sale in Korean edition
My advisor's book was published in Korea. I brought one copy for him and another for myself. I asked him to sign on the book.

2. Causality paper
My advisor introduced me an article about causality study. It seems to deliver potential method to study causality in economics. But it looks complicated because it is a physics paper.

Nolte, G et al. 2008. Robustly estimating the flow direction of information in complex physical systems. Physical Review Letters.

3. Next goal
I will keep concentrating on the ISEE conference paper.

4. House keeping.
-I brought a hand-painted fan for a present, which is one of solutions for global warming.
-My advisor gave me a copy of his book, "Frontiers in ecological economic theory and application." It has a chapter about energy.

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