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Friday, December 5, 2008

Pelamis: Movable wave energy converter

Oil price went way down, but competition to find alternative energy sources is still under way. I heard about Pelamis project which uses wave power to generate. I found this one quite promising. Pelamis Wave Energy Converter (WEC)is a snake-like generator (See the picture (source: Pelamis Wave Power Ltd.). Pelamis means Snake). It was developed by a British power company named Pelamis Wave Power, website http://www.pelamiswave.com/ (Its website is well organized). I thought that this wave power generator is more promising than other alternative generation because of two big reasons:

1. Wave power is relatively constant: In case of solar and wind power generation, they require other power plants, such as coal or nuclear power plants, for backup during calm or cloudy period.

2. This generator is movable: Tidal, solar, wind power plants are fixed. When conditions change, they could be not usable. This machine can be built once on site and be moved where conditions are ideal.

Pilot project of Pelamis was completed in northern Protugal. The result was successful, and they are seeking to expand the project. Pelamis seems one of solutions for future energy deficiency.

Here is a video of Pelamis WEC I found at Youtube (there were bunch more of them).

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