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Monday, March 28, 2011

[News Clip] CO2 to Fossil Fule

Interesting article at Science Daily. Researchers made a seemingly critical finding which could be a key step to make man-made fossil fuel. Don't be so excited, though. Reporters are always exerating. Read this first, how does it sound? Can it be commercially available in the future?
The University of Minnesota team is using Synechococcus, a bacterium that fixes carbon dioxide in sunlight and converts CO2 to sugars. Next, they feed the sugars to Shewanella, a bacterium that produces hydrocarbons. This turns CO2, a greenhouse gas produced by combustion of fossil fuel petroleum, into hydrocarbons.
If we can make fuel out of CO2, that will be awesome. Especially, on these nuclearly screwed days. Closing cricle, that is the goal!

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