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Sunday, August 17, 2008

ISEE 2008 Nairobi Conference

Sunset at Amboseli national park, Kenya

I have been to the International Society for Ecological Economics 2008 Nairobi conference. I have to confess you that I went to the conference because I really wanted to see savanna and people in sub-Sahara. I felt guilty to present my research because I was awfully prepared. Oh, well, I believe many participants of the conference might have the same idea for the conference... At least, my crew from our department had the same plan. :-)

Anyway, safari trip was great! We all enjoyed it. Conference itself, which was held at UNEP facilities, was interesting, and I could learn from many big figures. Max-Neef was there and gave a keynote speech.

Here are links to photo albums that I took during safari.

(1) Masai Mara

(2) Lake Nakuru

(3) Amboseli

(4) Scenery

(Most of them are animal pictures)

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