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Friday, August 29, 2008

Meeting with advisor (8/29): Outline of dissertation

I brought my advisor one page of dissertation plan which shows research goals and outline (available at http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddfmw3gd_12fn8ccbdg&invite= ). We talked about this.

1. Overview of dissertation outline
I have not set specific and detailed topics. My working goal is to draw an energy profile of Korea and to do policy evaluation. While doing SDA, I hope to narrow down my topic. Energy intensity study is a potential candidate.

2. Direction of dissertation
My dissertation will be more like a policy analysis. The Korean government has adopted various energy policies to promote economic growth. I will see how the policies contributed on economic growth.

3. Next goals
I will start writing chapters of introduction and methodology.

4. The feeling of "am I doing something meaningful?"
Nowadays, I am often caught by this depressing feeling; I wonder whether I contribute something to the society. My advisor told me that it is usual feeling that every researcher experiences. His recommendation was to do what you think is right but know clearly the limitations of your research. That definitely helps. But there are too many limitations. Can I junt know the ultimate truth of everything? :-)

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