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Friday, September 5, 2008

Observation of conventions

US presidential election race is heating up. In the desperate hope that we can beat the war criminal, George W Bush at this time, I am watching carefully the race. I watched national conventions of two parties. Here is key words that summarize my observation of the two conventions.

Democratic National Convention

  • Party! (literally)
  • American Dream and Promise
  • Party unity
  • Hillary, the big-heart
  • Kennedy, the legend
  • Yes, we can!
  • Change
  • Diverse delegates
  • Universal health care
  • What we can do for unprivilaged people?

Republican National Convention

  • Fight, fight, fight
  • Jerry Springer family of vice president candidate
  • Desperate house wife or Pit bull
  • McCain, the lost
  • Another Bush
  • Grandpa, grandma delegates
  • No African-, Asian- American delegates
  • RNC Definition of American= White, old & rich people
  • Anti-war protests outside RNC
  • How to protect our own interest?

In particular, the surprise pick of Republican vice president really entertained me. I didn't think that this kind of drama was possible in the US; I have seen many in Korea. John McCain must need shockers to revive his dying out campaign. But this package was too much.

Yes, you can call me democrat. I would be happy to be branded that way if I can punish the war criminal. Dear American friends, you should know that how this president deceived you to the unjustified war, and you have to change it.

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