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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A solution for hate groups in America

I watched documentaries about hatred groups in America at NatGeo. Dudes who were shouting "white power" looked like boy scouts to my eyes. Ridiculous. I could not but laugh... They are just like hooligans (crazy British soccer fans).

Why do people join those groups? Job competition, especially low paying jobs, between blue color whites and immigrants explains somewhat. But I think the extreme boredom in American country side might allure frustrated people to those groups. I could read from young Klansmen's eyes that they love their role playing. It is a pity that those people do not know how to enjoy life. In particular, bars and night clubs in country side are pitiful. Even in urban areas.

So, to solve the problem of growing number of hate groups in America, I suggest to have more and better bars and night groups in America. Better night life could reduce those poor people's frustration. It will apply to Muslim extremists. Unfortunately, Muslims do not drink. We need find other good entertainments for these extremists. Holy dance night club, probably?


T. Brook Smith said...

You seem to like fishing.

You are also a collossal ecology nerd.

Therefore you should check out my blog.

Come check out the Happy Anachronism some time.

Good job and good luck.

Ben said...

Hi Sung, thanks for the post on my blog! You're right, we do have similar interests as far as multi-species fishing and taking some of our catches home for dinner. I know a lot of blogging fishermen advocate catch and release only, but I feel that you can take some fish home to eat and still leave the lakes and rivers better than you left them. I was entertained by some of the fish you ate (the shiner, minnow, drum, etc) that most people would throw away. I think that's great!

Good luck with graduate school. I'm busy writing my MS thesis right now, so unfortunately the ice fishing posts are going to be rather infrequent.


"Sung" said...

Hi, Ben,
The same here. I am working on my Ph.D. dissertation. I hope to finish it soon and go fishing, always...

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)