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Saturday, January 2, 2010

My favorite BASS Pro angler: Mike Iaconelli

BASSmaster classic is coming soon (Lay Lake — Birmingham, Ala., February 19-21, 2010). It must be a good time to talk about BASS pros. My favorite pro is Mike Iaconelli. Fishing fans' responses are polarized: like him or hate him. People usually do not like his bad-boy attitude. My first impression was just like that when I saw his book cover, "Fishing on the edge".

However, my thought has rapidly changed when I watched his fishing shows. His "hip-hop" image is dramatized in most parts for entertainment. He is very serious about fishing, and he must be one of pro anglers who are open to new development of technology and science. I appreciate that point most. You may want to check his fishing tips at his website.

His fishing show, "City limits" on Versus TV hit bull's eye. In the show, Mike introduced "urban fishing" (I should say that he "re-introduced" because fishing used to be everywhere before). The show firmly caught my eyes because I often fish at Troy section of the Hudson. He fished in Manhattan, Chicago, DC, LA and so on. I hope that he will visit Troy someday soon. Striped bass season will be perfect.

Mike won 2003 bassmaster classic. After that, there was a brief slump in 2007. I guess because of a trouble in his personal life. But except that year he has steadily maintained top records so far. He won 2nd place of 2009 bassmaster classic by couple of oz difference. I will see what he can achieve at 2010 bassmaster classic this year.


Anonymous said...

Ike is sick. I am a recent fan since City Limits came out and until recently never gave a shit for Bass type tournaments and still don't really care for it. That shit is predominantly some southern redneck ordeal, and that is perfectly ok w me. I just have to make some sense as to why mike seems to be hated my so bad. I'm from the south and yes the southern red mentality will always hate someone like mike or anything from jersey for that matter. Yes he is easy to hate and the clothing array on his show from wigger to club doosh was def hatable. But gear aside his real explaination of what he's doin fishing is dope. Yea there's other dudes like KVD who are sick but they are boring and don't explain much (or lack passion) about their techniques. Yes Mike is a Lil overboard for me buy he speaks well about how and why he's catching fish. Plus it's the only fishing show my non-fishing roomates can tolerate.
I mainly fly fish for trout an have had to learn on my own after lack of help from elitist assholes. I relate to urban style fishing and would like to meet mike to see if he's really a doosh or not

"Sung" said...

Hey, I agree with you in many points.
I hope KVD explains more and better in his shows.

"it's the only fishing show my non-fishing roomates can tolerate."

My wife is just like your roomies. :-)