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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bin Laden says~

According to Al Jazeera’s English-language Web site, bin Laden says,

“Talk about climate change is not an ideological luxury but a reality.”
“All of the industrialized countries, especially the big ones, bear responsibility for the global warming crisis.”

What a surprise! I don't know what is his real intention beneath, but it must be an interesting twist in climate change talk.

More information can be found at an article in New York Times Web site.


Mr. Xyz said...

This spoof of climate science may be of interest:


"Sung" said...

Mr. Xyz,

Thank you for your comment. Wow, even a skeptic visits my blog! Interesting. To be honest, I think, the spoof is not worth to watch. It is funny though.

I don't think that any climate scientists "intentionally" lie. Simply they could be wrong, which is very common in science.

I hope you do not generalize from one unfortunate incident to everything. That is insulting to hard working climate scientists.