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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lure Monger (1)

At my previous post, I mentioned about Yo-Zuri lure. When I went to a Dick's sporting goods store near my apartment on last Friday, I found that some Yo-Zuri lures are on sale! You will not believe it: $1.46 for a lure. Absolute steal!!! Because I intended to buy more Yo-Zuri, I bought total five. There left not many at the store, so I didn't really have much choice of type and color. Yo-Zuri is Yo-Zuri anyway, I picked whatever left. Here they are:

I feel like I become a lure monger. I have not had time to test them. For today, let me talk about the Yo-Zuris that I have used.

Crystal Minnow (F8-C27, yellow tiger): floating, 5-1/4" (130mm), 5/8 oz (18g)
This lure hooked me onYo-Zuri. I originally bought this for Striper fishing a couple of years ago. So far, it has produced 10 something stripers. It is specially deadly at night. What I do is to float away and then slowly retrieve it at river. That is it. During striper fishing, this lure was naturally compared to other lures for striper fishing, and it proved its outstanding quality.

Here is a back view. Yo-Zuri's website claims, "The Crystal Minnow™ features a realistic wiggling action and is equally effective worked in a twitch-stop-go manner or with a steady retrieve. Floating models will dart and dive then float to the surface."

Aile MG Diet (F729-?, color code is unknown): floating, 2-3/4" (70mm), 3/16 oz (5.5g)
I bought this one last year. It was another hit. I has caught many bass and other species on this lure. Like the Crystal Minnow, it presents very natural wiggling action. I think that it distinguish Yo-Zuri lure from other lures. This lure also works for trout trolling.

View of back

70 F
At the bottom, 70 F means that lure type is floating, and length of lure is 70 mm (2-3/4").

3D 100 Minnow (F621-YM): suspending, 2-1/2" (65mm), 1/4 oz (7g)
This is my third purchase of Yo-Zuri. I have not caught many fish on this lure yet. It is suspending, which makes me hesitate to use it at shore. It is never pleasant to lose not-so-cheap hard bait. I mainly use this while I do kayak fishing. In this reason, I personally prefer floating type hard bait.

SP means that lure type is suspending.

More post on Yo-Zuri lures are coming soon.Search Amazon.com for yo-zuri

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