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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fishing for food

I went to a nearby state park to catch some fish for 4th of July BBQ. It was kind of chilly in the early morning, but water was surprisingly warm. I first trolled for rainbow trout with small minnow and then jigged for bass. I paddled around for two hours without success. Then, when I cast jig at rocky bottom, I got a strong bite. This is it, 15" large mouth bass. It must be enough for BBQ.

It was firmly hooked at upper jaw. This poor thing bit the jig without any hesitation. Thanks, we will appreciate you a lot.

I put cray fish imitation soft plastic on the 1/2 oz jig.

After catching the bass, I started trolling again with Yo-Zuri minnow. Yo-Zuri is my favorite lure company. I have had said that there is no significant difference between lure makers, but Yo-Zuri produces pretty more fish than other brands. I can say it for sure. Anyway, I caught 14" rainbow trout on the Yo-Zuri minnow.

It is my fishing vessel. Tiny but works just fine for me.

I spent about five hours and then left for lunch. I was exhausted, but it was productive trip.

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