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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I found this website about bass fishing while surfing youtube. It has very helpful and instructional video clips. I liked the way that they teach techniques. Most of them are basic but can be helpful to any level of anglers as reference. I highly recommend this website to fellow anglers. I hope that they use more multi-media or other tools in their video. For example, knot tying can be best presented by animation rather than actual video. Also, I hope the host wears a hat on the boat. It is too shiny! Just kidding, :-)

Here is a sample video just for beginners. Its title is "Preventing Line Twists on Spinning Reels When Bass Fishing."

It is what I called one of "the most important tip" for spinning anglers! I have been thinking to tape and post this tip. It is simple but can effectively prevent tangle or any other line trouble. I learned it in hard way. So, trust me and try this tip every time you cast.

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