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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Level of Angler

Larry Dahlberg is a Shimano pro and host of "The Hunt for Big Fish," which is a fishing show at Versus TV. It is one of my favorite fishing shows. Larry is one of the most serious multi-species anglers. He does not only catch big fish but also make his own lures. Yesterday, I heard him saying about "phaseof angler"
  1. Try to catch any
  2. Catch the limit
  3. Aim to catch bigger one
  4. Know how to catch in his/her own way
He might want to say the fourth one when he was presenting lure making. I thought about the level of anglers, and here is my version:
  1. Novice: Catch whatever one can.
  2. Intermediate: Catch only what one wants.
  3. Advanced: Chase for bigger ones
  4. Guru: Happy enough to be at the shore whether catch or not.
I may fall into level two and try to move on to the next level three. It is not easy. Which level are you at?

By the way, there is a similar fishing show at Animal Planet: River Monsters. Biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade is the host. In many aspects, these two shows are similar. They even fished the same water for the same species: Indian Gonch. Jeremy's show is more science-based, while Larry talks more on fishing techniques and tackles (and Jack link beef jerky :-<). Both are great multi-species fishing shows!

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