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Monday, August 9, 2010

Self Rescue for SOT Kayak-Angler

I heard a horror story of a fallen kayak angler at a kayak fishing club. He went kayak-fishing alone in the ocean at night and fell at a sunken rock area. He tried to self-rescue himself but failed a couple of times because of tangled line at legs. After cutting all the line, he could save himself. Well, knife at PFD is the MUST!!! I always keep multi-tool, but after hearing this story, I decided to carry another folding knife handy.

He should not have gone night fishing alone at first hand. The ocean is a dangerous place whether it is calm or not. This incident alarmed me to learn about self rescue. It is embarrassing to say that I didn't have a clear idea about how to re-climb to up-side down SOT kayak. I found this very informative video at Youtube. I will do some practice next time I go fishing. Please, be prepared and stay safe!

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