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Monday, August 30, 2010

Shadalicious (swimbait from Strike King)

I have heard good wards about hollow body swimbait but have not had a chance to use it by myself. One reason is that they are *&^%$ expensive! Typical non-hollow body swimbait are about $3 to $5, but they are over $7. As a budget angler, I thought that there was not enough reason to try them. When I received a discount coupon from a local Dick's sporting goods, I decided to buy one for test.

I bought a pack of Shadalicious from Strike King. It was $6.99 (4.5" long, 6 lures in it). I saw one of my fishing buddies using it, and he loved it crazy.

I tested it and concluded that it is worth the high price. It is well designed to collapse easily when bitten, but it didn't sacrifice any swim action. It swims like long tail swimbait, totally different from solid fat swimbait.

It is a cross-sectional view of the hollow swimbait.

At tail, there is small drain hole.

This lure can be hooked on typical jig head or weighted hook (shown in the picture above).

When rigged, it looks like this. If you use a screw lock attached to weighted hook, it will be easy to rig. But using this type of weighted hook, it was not easy.

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