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Welcome. I found my passion in ecological economics and fishing. They are all about pursuit of unknown and uncertain objects. I always enjoy the seemingly reckless pursuit itself. This blog is a record of my long journey in research and fishing. Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Reading at the shore

I went carp fishing this afternoon. I brought a book to read, and it was the first time ever in my whole fishing life that I wished no fish bite. The book was so interesting that I didn't want to be distracted. The book is Michael Sandel's "Justice: What is the right thing to do." I strongly recommend this book to anyone who lives in this time of chaos. It will refresh your sense of justice. Fortunately, carp cooperated until I left the shore.

Troy Fire Department's fire boat was the only distraction. It seemed that they were doing fire fighting practice. The boat's water gun shot out powerful stream of water in the middle of the river. It was so cool to watch.

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