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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Proven Tip: Cork Stopper as a Hook Cushion

I have used cork stoppers as hook cushions, which I read about in an introductory fishing book. It is a good solution to handle and organize the sharp hooks. It is simple and cheap. Drink your favorite wine or beer (it may require you some money), and save the cork stoppers. Dry them fully, and put your hooks on them. A caveman can do.

Using cork stoppers makes it easy to organize a tackle box.

Couple of things to remember to use cork stoppers as hook cushions.
  • Dry them thoroughly before use. Soaked cork will rust your hook.
  • In the same reason, after using your hook, do not put them on the cushion right away. Dry your hook first.
  • If you drop your tackle box in water, you must dry your hooks and hook cushions separately. The same reason of rust prevention.
  • I tried to use plastic stoppers as hook cushions, but they were not as good as cork ones. Plastic stoppers are too tough. So, stick on conventional cork.

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