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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fried Bass with Chinese-Style Spicy Sauce

Believe it or not, bass is considered as junk fish in Korea, as carp is treated as junk fish in the US. Carp is delicacy in Asia. The other day, I saw a news that Illinois would export Asian carp from its Mississippi river to China . I believe that this business will be successful.

Anyway, bass is an invasive species and is not considered as a food fish in Korea. While staying in the US, I tried different recipes to cook my catch. I smoked, steamed, deep fried, grilled and so on. Among them, I found frying is the best. When it is coupled with Chinese style spicy sauce, it is even better.

Bass (gutted and scaled), flour or corn meal, onion half, green onion 1/2 head, Jalapino pepper 1, garlic 1/4 clove, Sauce(Sugar 1T, black pepper 1/3t, Korean or Japanese soy sauce 1T, Oyster sauce 1T, rice vinegar 1T, rice wine 1T, sesame oil 1/2T).

(1) Make the sauce first. Mix up all ingredients well.
(2) Clean and rinse the fish.
(3) Pat down the fish with paper tower to get rid of extra moisture. If desirable, make cuts on the fish (see the picture above)
(4) Roll the fish on flour.
(5) Put enough amount vegetable oil on a frying pan and warm it up.
(6) Pan-fry the fish fully and put it on paper tower covered dish. We need to cool it.
(7) Now, vegetables. Chopped up vegetables to small pieces.
(8) On another frying pan, stir fry chopped vegetables at high heat.
(9) When vegetables are almost cooked, pour the sauce on the pan. Wait till boiling.
(10) Move the fish to a serving dish and pour the sauce over the fish.
(11) Enjoy!

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