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Monday, January 3, 2011

Silly bandz for Two Piece Rod

It is sometimes annoying to carry two piece fishing rod. Much easier than one piece rod, though. If the upper part is loose, its tip part could be broken. I did it one time. Good way to carry two piece rod is to tie them up using band.

I have used grocery rubber band. One problem of rubber band is that it sticks on rod and leaves residue especially when it contacts with sunscreen. Sunscreen chemically reacts to rubber. Rubber band could damage your tackles. It may not be a big deal. But here is an alternative: silicon band. Silicon is very stable material and does not react to sunscreen. If you have used rubber bands for your rods or tackles, you may want to try silicon bands.

Here I put pictures on how to tie up two piece rod using silicon band.

Step 1. Put two parts together.

Step 2. Wrap the rod around the largest guide.

Step 3. Wrap two times (you can adjust according the length of band). Don't make it too tight. It could damage your guide.

While fishing, you can put the band on your wrist. Fashionable fisherman, huh. If you find your kids or nephews playing with silly bandz, you may want to borrow a couple of them for your use. Ah, I found that a local sporting goods store is selling silicon bands shaped in MLB team logos. These must be cooler than cow or horse shape.

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