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Friday, January 7, 2011

Ice Fishing

I went ice fishing with Capt. M this afternoon. We had slow start, but at the last hole we hit the home run. It was "the" sweet spot.

I caught a small Pickerel. Big eyes were kinda cute.

Capt. M caught 12.5" yellow perch which had fat belly. All perches were released because Capt. M insisted that the lake need stronger perch population. I was surprised because the deadliest fisherman Capt. M suddenly started  fishery management.

Capt. M is showing off his catch. It was windy and snowy, but enjoyable.

Capt M. caught more than 20 sunnies at the last hole.

(In my defense)because I didn't have a fish finder, I could not beat Capt. M. I caught 5 sunnies and brought some catches home to make fish fry.

Capt. M is fishing with his fish finder, which shows activity of fish right below. You lower your lure above fish then jig it. It was fun to watch your bait and fish school moving up and down. We used Spikes and Moucies(?).

It was a productive three and half hour trip.

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