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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Record Walleye, again, 26"!

I went fishing again to the Troy dam this evening. I fished at the shore. At about 6pm, it started raining. So, I cast Yo-Zuri crystal minnow for the last time, and bam! I got a crazy bite. First, I thought it was striper. No, no, it was giant walleye. Because I was using medium power tackle, I worried a lot about tackle failure or line break. Strong current gave extra power to the fish. I carefully fought for about 10 minutes. My rod looks like a toy beside the walleye in the picture. It was dark, and I could not get a good picture.

My walleye record increases by 2" to 3" everyday! Or, probably the walleye that I originally caught grew 2" per day and then was re-captured by me. Kidding. Gripper helped me to handle the toothy creature. After measuring and taking picture, I released it right away. I tried to revive the fish to my best, but I worry about it because of intensive fight time. I should switch to heavy gear when I fish at the Tory dam. I hope it get well and successfully breed.

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