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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Record Walleye, Yay! (Yes, I didn't forget my camera at this time)

I got a phone call from Capt. M this morning. He suggested to go fishing to the Troy dam this evening. "I am in!" of course. Water was still rough and murky. It is never super comfortable to navigate rough river on a small canoe. But we did, in the hope of big fish. The risk-taking was rewarded with my new record walleye, 24"! I renewed my record in one day. I cannot believe this. Can you see the big bright eye.

At the time of sunset, fish kept attacking our lures. M caught 6 striped bass. One was a giant, about 36". I caught three walleye and one small striped bass. I have to confess that it is hard to beat Capt. M. I used swim bait (Shadalicious) and crank bait (Yo-Zuri). We spent three hours on water and returned when it got completely dark. It was one productive trip.

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