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Monday, October 25, 2010

W Kayak

I visited Wavewalk to see and test paddle its W kayak in Sharon, MA, this weekend. When I first found W kayak while random web-surfing, I was totally amazed by its stability and fishing-friendly design. I could not put up with my curiosity. So, I contacted Wavewalk and set an appointment for visit.

When I arrived at the address of Wavewalk, I was first surprised by finding out that it was an one man company operated by CEO Yoav Rosen at his garage. Yoav originally invented and designed W kayak. Secondly, I was surprised by knowing that Yoav does not fish at all because I thought that W kayak was designed by kayak anglers for kayak anglers. Yoav told me that W kayak concept came from his original invention of water walking shoes. Very interesting.

Currently, W kayak is molded by a molding company in the Midwest, and Yoav does finishing touches on delivered intermediate products at his garage. He joked, "it is the most inefficient production line in the world." At his basement, there were many boxes of unfinished W kayaks.
My first impression of W kayak was that it was bulkier than I thought. But it was not that heavy when I lifted it. Thanks to its W design, it was easy for two men to carry. Yoav and I put a demo kayak on Yoav's SUV and headed to a lake nearby for test paddle. It was a nice day for paddling, sunny, not so windy... Yoav first presented me some techniques on the kayak. Then, I test paddled it. I will put more posts on W kayak later.

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