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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Striped bass fall run

I went smallmouth bass fishing at Troy dam. Because of week-long raining, water was high and murky.

But it was still navigable, sort of. One boat is cruising out from dock.

It was high tide, so I should fish on top of tiny rock. I casted Shadalicious swimbait on 1/8 oz jig. My rod setting was 6'6" medium power St. Croix rod matched with 2500 size Shimno reel spooled with 12lb mono line.

At my third cast, I got a strong bite. It gave me real good fight. I thought that fast current gave some extra power to smallmouth. Then, voila! It was striped bass! Because my rod setting was light, it was probably more exciting.

It was 22" decent size bass.

What a handsome bass! After a few pictures, I released it. From this year, New York State requires saltwater fishing license to fish anadromous species at tidal river.

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