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Friday, May 21, 2010

Female Angler

When I went fishing at my everyday fishing spot at sunset yesterday, I saw one young lady fishing from the shore. Yes, a single lady in a long one-piece skirt! Female anglers are rare to see, and even a lady alone with fishing rod?! I could not believe my eyes. I looked for other companions around. Nop, she was alone. I was so glad and greeted her. She must be a brave woman. It was brave enough for her to fish alone at quiet river bank at sunset, but also she was even more brave to come for her first time solo fishing with new tackles!

While I was fishing aside her, I watched her fishing. Well, unfortunately she seemed clueless. She used no sinker rig with tiny soft plastic warm on medium power 6'6" rod. Additionally, she put a large bobber as a big sign of beginner and struggled to cast. This scene reminded me my first time fishing trip five years ago. At that time, one lady, who was not fishing, came to me and fixed my reel and rod. So, I approached her and took a look at her tackles. Drag of her reel was too loose, and reel seat was not tightened. Anti-reverse switch was even off. Everything was just as it was at store. I fixed her reel and rod, then recommended her lure and jig head from her tackle box.

She told me that her father used to bring her fishing when she was young. Generational memory always attaches to fishing, and that is the beauty of this sport. I really hoped to see her catching first fish, but it was not the lucky day. She said that she would come more times for fishing. When I see her next time, I will teach her how to make lure actions.

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