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Monday, May 24, 2010

How to remove fish smell?

When I started fishing, fish smell was like a badge of honor to me. Well, the smell is not super pleasant, to be honest. I found that the smell is hard to remove with regular soap and lingers for a while. I am sure you know better than me. So, how do you remove fish smell from your hands? Many suggests simply to use lemon juice or vinegar. Here is the list of solutions that I tried from the worst to the best:
  1. Rubbing on stainless steel utensil: Just temporary removal of smell. It returns after a while.
  2. Vinegar: I think it only disguises the smell, but vinegar smell is not that refreshing.
  3. Lemon juice: Ditto, but much refreshing.
  4. Dish detergent: I expected this solution perfectly work, but it did not. Dish detergent is great in oil removal but probably not good at protein removal, I guess.
  5. Special hand-cleaner soap for auto mechanics (e.g., Fast Orange): A friend of mine recommended it. It works, but not so effectively. I have to rub my hands rigorously. I guess pumice does the job of physically removing the protein residual. But chemically, it is the same as dish detergent.
  6. Shampoo: I recommend this. Simple, but works great! I guess because shampoo is a detergent specialized in oil and protein removal. Cannot believe it? Try it.
Any other working solutions to suggest?

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